Yadacha is a symmetric cipher that combines ChaCha20 and very large private keys.

This page is a quick start. You can find more info at the crate, and the repository.


Start by installing Rust. Once that is done, you can simply run:
> cargo install yadacha --bin yadacha --features=cli

Creating a key

You can use these commands to create keys, from 16 KB to 10 TB in size:
> yadacha generate_key_16k out_key_file
> yadacha generate_key_8m out_key_file
> yadacha generate_key_1t out_key_file
> yadacha generate_key_10t out_key_file

Validating keys

To validate a key, use this command:
> yadacha validate_key in_key_file

Encrypting and decrypting

To encrypt a file with your private key, use this command:
> yadacha encrypt in_key_file in_data_file out_data_file

To decrypt a file with your private key, use this command:
> yadacha decrypt in_key_file in_data_file out_data_file


The command line tool currently requires:

The library itself is pure Rust no_std and can run on almost anything Rust itself supports.


Yadacha was developed for internal use at Kilncore.

As of version 0.0.5, it currently is:

Use only on test data, at your own risk.